Press for Ballads for Trying Times

We have had a recent string of awesome press for our EP, Ballads for Trying Times. Below, check out a roundup of our favorites


Ballads for Trying Times is a delectable listen, an emotional journey down a sullen, yet hopeful trail. Garcia and Tran bring together songs that appear written just for the listener, and no one else. A very personal and intimate release. A+

Bitch Media

While the songs explore disenchantment, Garcia's rich, warm voice wraps around you like the softest quilt and Tran's subdued guitar shines at all the right moments, creating somber tracks that are more than palatable and neccessary. 

Pasadena Weekly

Their economically composed songs address challenges and spirit-boosting moments of an artist’s life, with smart commentary on social attitudes

The Deli

The folk-driven duo write baroque lullabies that move along with an ease and fluidity that showcases their musical maturity and sensibility. García’s torchy vocals have a soft spoken tone that can surely alleviate the end of a busy shift, the kind that befits their knack for lilting bossa nova rhythms and lush jazz arrangements.

Elmore Magazine

Garcia’s expression of toil through her floating vocals simmer above Tran’s steady guitar rhythms and his bluesy playing, reflecting their optimism in the midst of self-doubt.


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