Behind the Scenes - "Someday" Music Video

Our friend, David Janove, came to us a few months ago with an idea - he said he wanted to use our song "Someday" for a music video. He pitched us the idea for the video, and we said "Of course!" Dave made it a point to tell us that this was just something he had been dreaming up in his head for a while, but that he had no timeline for making the video - so we shouldn't really expect the video to be made anytime soon.

Cut to barely a month later, we get an email in our inbox from Dave saying he's making the video and he was shooting in July and he wanted us to make a cameo. 

We arrive on set expecting to see a modest shoot with a handheld camera or something to that effect. We arrive to find a full production crew - lighting, extras, producers - the whole nine yards! 

We had so much fun on set meeting some very talented kids, working with a kind and amazing crew, and we can't wait to share the magical video with you. Stay tuned!