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The Singer and The Songwriter, the duo of Rachel Garcia and Thu Tran, create music as vibrant and diverse as their multiracial backgrounds. Since 2012, they have released 3 critically acclaimed albums, charted on the CMJ Top 40 Radio charts, and toured nationally. Rachel Garcia's rich, warm vocal delivery and Thu Tran's dynamic guitar arrangements provide the backbone for original songs that blend swinging jazz, soulful blues, heartfelt folk and modern, honest songwriting to create a unique and compelling sound.

Press Quotes

Garcia’s voice [is] rich and mellow, strong and elegant, delicate and turbulent, all at the same time. Candidly, it’s one of the best female voices around. In short, it’s nonpareil [...] gorgeously contagious melodies, palpitating rhythms, luscious harmonies and, of course, Garcia’s unparalleled voice.
— The Huffington Post
The duo creates soft melodic songs, that could just as easily exist as poems. Beautiful and full of soul and emotion, the quaint pair swept the audience away; first time listeners and long-term fans.
— Playlist Play
diverse, confident, stylish and accomplished
— Americana-UK
The folk-driven duo write baroque lullabies that move along with an ease and fluidity that showcases their musical maturity and sensibility.
— The Deli LA
...sounds like forgotten standard[s] from the American Songbook
— Relix Magazine
incredible songwriting talents”

”just the right amount of jazz, blues, and a modern edge, the duo brings out the best in each other.
— Playback: STL
Garcia’s rich, warm voice wraps around you like the softest quilt and Tran’s subdued guitar shines at all the right moments
— Bitch Media
Their economically composed songs address challenges and spirit-boosting moments of an artist’s life, with smart commentary on social attitudes
— Pasadena Weekly
His guitar shimmies and swings like Django Reinhardt while her voice wraps around each note, swaying in unison like a modern-day Ella Fitzgerald.
— Nooga.com


“Give Love” Live at Old Oak Cellars, Pasadena, CA

"Old Fashioned" Live at The Wildwood Hotel in Willamina, OR

"Sound & Light" Live for Little Fella Media Sessions

"My Favorite Person" Live at The Bluebird Cafe, Nashville, TN


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