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The Singer and The Songwriter is the musical duo of vocalist/songwriter Rachel Garcia and guitarist/songwriter Thu Tran. “The duo creates soft melodic songs, that could just as easily exist as poems. Beautiful, and full of sound and emotion” (Playlist Play) while their multi-cultural backgrounds bring depth and diversity to the rich traditions of folk, jazz and blues music; genres they navigate between with ease and fluidity.

The duo has been captivating audiences across the US with their intimate live shows at house concerts, theaters, listening rooms, and coffeehouses. At times heartbreaking and at times hilarious, their performances are open-hearted conversations with the audience where they share their stories full of honesty, humor and wit, while delivering their songs with riveting, economical precision. 

Garcia’s voice is “rich and mellow, strong and elegant, delicate and turbulent” (The Huffington Post) while Tran’s dynamic guitar-playing “shimmies and swings like Django Reinhardt” (Nooga).

They have released 3 critically-acclaimed albums, and are currently touring the US.

Press Quotes

The rolling hills in California make a stunning backdrop for The Singer And The Songwriter’s [...] video for “Drowsy Driver,” almost as beautiful as the detailed lyrics of the song. Chirping birds sing along to Rachel Garcia’s comforting voice and Thu Tran’s folksy guitar.
— NPR Music
Garcia’s voice [is] rich and mellow, strong and elegant, delicate and turbulent, all at the same time. Candidly, it’s one of the best female voices around. In short, it’s nonpareil [...] gorgeously contagious melodies, palpitating rhythms, luscious harmonies and, of course, Garcia’s unparalleled voice.
— The Huffington Post
singing is all Rachel has to do to knock your socks off. Her voice is mellow, tonal, and spot on the notes and she allows the songs to speak for themselves without distracting visual or vocal theatrics. Thu’s guitar playing is impeccable as he moves from jazz-inspired chord movement to downright folk/country figuring with grace and ease. He doesn’t flub. If you’re looking for some eye candy on stage, Thu provides it. He can’t seem to help himself from swaying and moving with the music in contrast to the statuesque composure of the velvet-toned lady standing next to him.
— Art Podell, Songwriter's Square
The duo creates soft melodic songs, that could just as easily exist as poems. Beautiful and full of soul and emotion, the quaint pair swept the audience away; first time listeners and long-term fans.
— Playlist Play
diverse, confident, stylish and accomplished
— Americana-UK
The folk-driven duo write baroque lullabies that move along with an ease and fluidity that showcases their musical maturity and sensibility.
— The Deli LA
...sounds like forgotten standard[s] from the American Songbook
— Relix Magazine
incredible songwriting talents”

”just the right amount of jazz, blues, and a modern edge, the duo brings out the best in each other.
— Playback: STL
Garcia’s rich, warm voice wraps around you like the softest quilt and Tran’s subdued guitar shines at all the right moments
— Bitch Media
Their economically composed songs address challenges and spirit-boosting moments of an artist’s life, with smart commentary on social attitudes
— Pasadena Weekly
His guitar shimmies and swings like Django Reinhardt while her voice wraps around each note, swaying in unison like a modern-day Ella Fitzgerald.
— Nooga.com


Twin Peaks Sessons Live in San Francsico, CA

“Give Love” Live at Old Oak Cellars, Pasadena, CA

"Old Fashioned" Live at The Wildwood Hotel in Willamina, OR

“Sound and Light” Live from The Lost Church, Music & Mortality: The Bay Bridged x You're Going To Die

"My Favorite Person" Live at The Bluebird Cafe, Nashville, TN


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